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Why IsoTek?

Electricity, the key element that powers all your AV equipment is subject to a variety of noise and interference both before it reaches your home as well as while it travels throughout. IsoTek products work to clean and shield the electricity your AV system draws, so all your components receive pristine power to operate with their best possible performance.

IsoTek’s product range, designed specifically for audio and AV systems, harnesses unique technologies to enhance sound and picture quality by filtering mains electricity and regulating its distribution, delivering pure and stable power to audio and AV equipment. The result: the noise floor drops, your sound gains greater focus, the bass is tighter and the treble gains more space and air. Translating to overall music performance which appears more solid and dynamic.

IsoTek’s board and conditioning products also serve as protection for your AV system against a variety of power surges including both high-frequency spikes, as well as broad-band current swells. Leaving IsoTek users with peace of mind that their equipment will not only perform well, but also be safe from major power dangers.

Where is the offer available?

The offer is available at participating retailers across Australia.